And this completes the story. The next WIP, Latter Days, will begin posting on Thursday. I have no idea how long it will be, but that means it will probably be pretty darn long.

Previous parts may be found here.

Chapter 10 )
Only one more chapter left in this one, but I have another six short stories to post between now and Twelfth Night, so be on the lookout. With various pairings and settings, you're sure to find something that intrigues you. And with any luck, the new WIP will be ready to start posting the week after that.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 9 )
Only two more chapters after this one. Fun, fun.

Wherein Angel shows up, and there are conversations a-plenty.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 8 )
Wherein Spike and Buffy have that talk she promised, and Buffy finally makes the necessary phone call.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 7 )
We're past the halfway mark now, with only four chapters to go after this.

Wherein Spike and Buffy find what who they're looking for, and Wesley reaches his goal.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 6 )
Wherein Spike and Buffy face the dangers of Quortoth, and Xander finds himself between a rock and a hard place.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 5 )
Just so you all know, I have finished Fix You, and I will try and post another chapter this week, probably on Tuesday. I've also finished this story, which means that the IP in WIP can be taken out of both.

Wherein Willow does some complaining, and Spike voices his opinion.

Chapter 4 )
Wherein Spike lets his jealousy get the best of him, and Buffy has to make a tough decision. (Also, this story is complete at 10 chapters, FYI. But I'll still be posting on Sundays.)

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 3 )
Wherein Spike reveals hidden talents, and Tara gets in the game.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 2 )
Yes, I do have another WIP to share, which will be updated on Sundays. This one will likely only be about 10 chapters long, however, and I've got the first six done. It's set after my short story Summer Vacation. Hope you enjoy!

Hello Again
Author: enigmaticblue
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: We all know the truth. None of these characters are mine, and if I were making money off of them, I could quit my job and go write on a beach somewhere.
Summary: A sequel to my short story, Summer Vacation. After the events of Forgiving, Wesley decides to take action after losing Connor, and finds something he never expected.
A/N: Because there’s quite a bit of time between this story and the last, there’s quite a bit of catching up to do. All will be explained eventually, but you’ll have to hang in there with me for a bit. Also, I’m playing around with time and canon. You’ll see what I mean.

Read more... )



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