And our journey comes to an end. I'm more than a little sad to let this 'verse go, but there will be more in the future, although I can't say when I'll get around to writing the sequel. Big thanks to my betas, [ profile] ayinhara and [ profile] mofetash, and also to [ profile] spikes_lady, who gave me the idea. I hope this was a bit of what you wanted when you put in your request.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 15 and Epilogue )
Only one more chapter and an epilogue after this, although there will be a sequel eventually. It's really too bad that law school takes up so much of my time...

Wherein Buffy gets her Slayer on.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 14 )
Wherein Willow makes a clean break, the Immortal continues to cause problems, and Giles gets some unexpected visitors.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 13 )
This might be a good time to mention that there are 15 chapters to this story, plus an epilogue, and I'm planning on a sequel. And remember, feedback makes for a happy muse, and a happy muse means more fic, and more fic means happy readers. Isn't that a beautiful thing?

Wherein things go mostly according to plan, and Buffy sees an old friend.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 12 )
Wherein things get very dicey for Buffy, and Spike takes action.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 11 )
Wherein Spike and Buffy get a little bit closer, as do a couple of others.

Previous parts may be found here.

Chapter 10 )
Previously, Spike was attacked by a group of cyborgs, but managed to bring one back to Buffy's apartment for interrogation. Willow planned to do a spell to determine exactly what's wrong with Buffy. Buffy sent Dawn and two of the Slayers off to get more clothes for Spike, who ruined his. And Wesley's decided that a truth spell on the cyborg would be the better option, even though he'd much prefer torture at this point.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 9 )
FYI: I'm leaving for a week's vacation with my parents in Colorado on Wednesday. (Hallelujah!) Of course, this means that I won't be updating this story next Sunday, since I'm using the time to get away from it all, including LJ. I don't think I've left this in too bad of a place though.

Wherein Spike brings home a little present, Spike and Buffy chat, and Wesley shows his mettle as a Watcher.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 8 )
Wherein Buffy faces some hard truths, Buffy and Willow have a chat, and I am more than slightly evil.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 7 )
Wherein there is much tension, and not the fun kind.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 6 )
Okay, so some of you who read my personal journal might be thinking to yourselves, "That Jerusha, she's entering into finals, and I've heard that finals for law students are insane. Will school interfere with her posting schedule?" The answer to that question is "no," since I have several chapters stockpiled and ready to go. This is why I don't post chapters as I write them. I'm that anal retentive.

Now, wherein Buffy finds out just how hard the Immortal is to resist.

Previous chapters may be found here.

Chapter 5 )
Happy Easter to those of you celebrating today! I hope you have a wonderful day. Also, happy birthday to me. Funny how time flies, isn't it?

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 4 )
Wherein Dawn and Spike get a chance to chat, and we get a little closer to figuring out what the Immortal really is.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 3 )
Since I'm going to be writing a paper all day tomorrow, I thought I should get this up tonight, otherwise I'm likely to forget.

Wherein Spike runs into an old friend.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 2 )
Go the Whole Wide World
Author: enigmaticblue
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: The standard “I don’t own them, please don’t sue” should suffice, don’t you think?
Archive: If you’ve got my stuff already, otherwise just ask.
Summary: Wesley finds himself with business in Rome, and Angel sends Spike along for company, wanting to get him out of his hair. It’s amazing how small the world is sometimes. Set sometime after Why We Fight.
A/N: [ profile] spikes_lady asked for Spike and Wesley bonding with possible Spuffy. I hope this suits.

Chapter 1 )



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