That's all she wrote for this one, folks. Let me just say that there will be a sequel, although it's going to be a little while. I have some other plot bunnies to round up first. I hope no one's disappointed with this final chapter. I won't call it "the end" because the story will go on, whether I'm around to write it or not, which is why there might seem to be a few more loose ends than usual.

Finally, I wanted to thank everybody who gave feedback and encouragement through the course of this story. I don't know if you all realize this, but you make my day, each and every time.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 20 )
Just one bit of clarification before we get started. Some folks indicated that they were a bit confused as to the qualifications for doing the spell on Spike. The caster has be free of the shedding of innocent (human) blood, love the victim, and then make a gesture of trust to confirm that love. Just in case that wasn't clear before.

Also, I have to say that this chapter and the next one are probably my favorite two chapters of the story, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Previous parts can be found here.
Chapter 19 )
Remember, feedback makes the muse happy, and a happy muse equals a productive writer.

Also, I've been giving some serious thought to a sequel to this story. I ran an idea past [ profile] xphilehb last night, and she sounded positive. If that's something you might like to see, let me know, although I know the end is still a couple chapters away.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 18 )
A couple of things before we get started...

First off, some kind soul gifted me with extra user pics a while back. I say this now because I'm guessing that the confirmation email got shunted into spam, and I just found out today. *headdesk* So, thank you very much, whomever you are, and I'm really very sorry that I didn't know until now.

Second, if there was anyone who was upset or disturbed by the last chapter, I apologize. I probably should have posted a warning, but while I meant it to be chilling, I didn't mean for it to be seriously disturbing. Since I know how things are going to end, I sometimes forget what the story looks like to those who are reading it one chapter at a time.

Anyway, this chapter is definitely a (slightly) happier one. Some important things get said as we speed towards our resolution.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 17 )
Happy birthday to the always wonderful, [ profile] alwaysjbj and [ profile] spikesdeb! Hope you guys had wonderful days.

And, before you comment, I am evil. If you ask nicely, however, I may be persuaded to put another chapter up on Tuesday for a Valentine's Day treat. *eg*

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 16 )
Remember when I said things were going to stay tense right up until the end? I wasn't kidding. And I am still evil.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 15 )
I had no time to write a birthday ficlet for [ profile] talesofspike, but she said she would be satisfied with an extra chapter of Collide this week. Send all thanks and birthday wishes her way.

Here's to one of the sweetest ladies I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Previous parts can be found here.

Collide 14 )
How is Buffy going to drag Spike home? And how does that necklace work? It's a mystery... Remember, feedback warms the weary writer's soul.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 13 )
I decided to take pity on all of you and post an extra chapter this week. Of course, it's pretty much non-stop action from here on out. Remember, feedback makes an author happy.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 12 )
I want to give a big thank you to [ profile] jen_nsync_landl for her brainstorming help. Without it, I might have gotten too stuck to go on. And, as always, big thanks to my betas on this project, [ profile] ayinhara, [ profile] mofetash, and [ profile] itmustbetuesday.

Oh, and yes, I'm very evil, although I may take pity on you all. Let me know if you want the next chapter sooner, because the writing is going well enough that I can swing it.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 11 )
There's some storm clouds on the horizon, but for now Buffy has some issues a little closer to home to take care of.

I've been asked at least once whether or not I'll start posting twice a week. The answer at the moment is no, simply because I like to have a little something to offer you every week. If I start double-posting, the ride will be over that much more quickly, and there's a chance that the sequel to Avocation won't be ready by then. So, this story will continue to update on Fridays, and you all can savor it for a while longer.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 10 )
Well, what do you know? More conflict. Isn't that fun?

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 9 )
Baby steps, folks. It's all about baby steps.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 8 )
It's the next chapter of Collide, folks, where Buffy admits to an important truth, and Spike proves that his timing is still pretty good.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 7 )
Okay, two things before we get started. First off, check out the pretty new icon that [ profile] talesofspike made me for Christmas. It even matches my banner. Yay!

Second, remember that feedback is the best gift you can give to your fanfic authors this holiday season. That doesn't just go for me; it goes for anybody and everybody you read. The few minutes that it takes to drop a line and say, "Hey, I'm reading! Good job!" can make somebody's day. Or even their week. 'Tis the season, share the joy.

And now, on to the fic, where Spike puts his bright idea to work for him.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 6 )
We've got a little of this and a little of that in this chapter. Cue ominous sounding music...

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 5 )
Trouble is still a-brewing...

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 4 )
I know I haven't responded to comments on the latest chapter of Avocation yet, but I hate tying up my parents' phone line, and I've been exhausted by the time I get online after they've gone to bed. So I promise I will respond to everybody when I get home next week.

Until then, here's the next chapter, where Buffy has a little talk with Willow, and Spike and Dawn get to renew their bond. (If you haven't read The Promise I'm Keeping now would be a good time. It's short, and this chapter references it a couple of times. You can find it in my memories, since my links aren't working.)

Previous chapters can be found here.

Chapter 3 )
Feedback warms the weary writer's soul...

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 2 )
That's right. It's a new fic. I was going to wait to start posting this one until Avocation was up, but... I have no patience when it comes to that sort of thing. Please read the author's note and the quote. It may seem pretentious to put a preface on a piece of fanfic, but that quote is important, and I wanted to give credit where credit was due. Hope you all enjoy.

Chapter 1: Release )



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