The end is here. As you can see, there's some room here for more stories. That might happen at some point down the road, but I'm not going to promise either way. In any case, I hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I have.

Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 28 )
And only one more chapter to go after this one. Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 27 )
Only two more chapters to go after this one. Previous parts can be found here.

Chapter 26 )
It's back to the past for this chapter. If you'll recall, Hannah was still getting settled, Buffy was still freaking over the events in Cleveland, and Spike was reaching the end of his rope.

Chapter 25 )
Okay, a quick recap so you know where you are. This chapter is about six weeks after the big battle in Cleveland. Buffy is still worried about Spike, and Hannah is still settling in. On with the show...

Chapter 22 )
The vote was about split, so the compromise is that you get a double post this week, and then I go back to the regular schedule. So, for your reading pleasure, an extra chapter...

Chapter 21 )
On to the next chapter. It's back to the future for our heroes...

Chapter 20 )

Also, ALASAD is complete at 28 chapters. I can continue the current posting schedule, or I could increase it to twice a week. If enough people want the double postings, you'll get a new chapter on Wednesday.
Remember, feedback makes me happy, and a happy writer is a productive writer.

Chapter 19 )



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